Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup

I am going to begin my review with my story. When I was young I rented a home in new york and I was very happy that the landlord provides Wi-fi for free. The signal of the WiFi network is strong but it does not reach properly to my living room. It was great but I cannot live the whole day in that room only and when I was finding solutions I came to know about the amped wireless extender so let’s review it.

It is a very popular wifi extender and it has the capability of extending the network up to 10,000sq. Ft. This extender has a connectivity speed of 300 Mbps and with a 2.4 GHz band the speed reaches up to 800Mbps therefore if you want a more speed 5GHz band which will provide you with the speed of 1300 Mbps. The best feature of this extender is that you can easily control it with your smartphone.

If you are unable to get speed in every corner of your home/office you may have to buy an extender like amped wireless range extender. This extender is very easy to install and it supports Multi-User input. It showed very nice results in our tests so if you are looking for a wifi extender then you can go with this one.

Amped Wireless Setup


The design of the device is amazing and I really loved its design. In fact, their design is pretty much similar to apple products it is really hard to define that it is not an apple product. The router has two antennas that are movable, It also has a reset button located at the bottom of the router. Its front is made up of plastic, which makes it very attractive in looks. Moreover, the design can be improved if they provide the front side with glass but I think it will also increase its cost. In the end, I would say the router has a very clean design and it is really hard to see that the front side of the router is made up of plastic.

This is one of the best extenders available in the market and the best thing is that you will not see any mess of cables or something like that.

Key Features

  • A very clean design that really looks amazing.

  • Amped Wireless Extender

    Very easy to set up.

  • You have full control.

  • Good coverage.

  • Signal strength is amazing.

  • Parental control option.


It can provide you with good coverage in a radius of 30-40 feet and it will work perfectly in your home/office. When I plugged in this router in my home I get signals in every corner of my room The coverage is extremely good there is nothing to complain about it

I was very impressed with its security features.

However, this is still not a perfect solution. Sometimes, I see that my computer is disconnected from the network, and it gets connected automatically to the existing network from my router that is much weaker. It performs really well in our tests.

How to set up amped wireless range extender?

It is very easy to set up an extender you just have to follow all the steps carefully:

  • First, you have to unbox your extender, then plug it in.

  • After that, you have to turn ON the WPS button of your router and extender.

  • Then your LED light will turn green this shows that your router and extender are perfectly connected.

  • Now you have to unplug your extender then you have to plug in someplace between halfway of your network and router.

  • After plugging in you will see a solid green light( this shows that your connection is well established).

  • If your light turns red it means that the connection is poor.

  • After that, you have to find a perfect place for your router.

  • Then you have to type a password( make sure you type the same password of your wifi)

  • Once you’ve done all these steps, Check your LED light (make sure it turns amber green)

  • Hurray, Now your router is connected successfully.

If you are unable to visit setup.ampedwireless.comhttp //

Sometimes, If the user fails to access the URL you will see that the page is displaying some error message. In this case, You have to make sure that your eternal cable is properly connected to your computer( Make sure to avoid your computer wirelessly) You can do these steps If you are unable to visit the website.

How to prevent signals from disappearing?

There are some of the precautions available that you can perform to prevent your signals or slower down network.

  • Make sure to check your firmware is upgraded or not as viruses can be one of the reasons which slow down your network.

  • You have to keep your password updated and prevent your password from unknown users.

  • Make sure that you choose the right place for your extender(I will recommend you to keep your extender in the midway of wifi and router).

  • Be sure that you use the Guest access feature as you can keep an eye on the members who are using your wifi.

What should you do If your router is using more data?

Sometimes, your router use more data then usual-well, there could be some reasons listed below:

  • It is very important to place your router in the right place( It is signified by the green light).

  • You can check all the number of devices connected If there are more devices than your router can handle then please eliminate some of the devices.

  • Make sure to remove viruses, bugs, etc to enhance your speed.

  • Make sure that unknown users don’t connect with your wifi( If you find an unknown device connected with your wifi eliminate As soon as possible.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 How to download Firmware for your router?

You can download the latest firmware from Amped support site NOTE Make sure that you do not download firmware from any unknown websites( Your router may be affected if you download firmware from this party websites). You can upgrade firmware from

Q.2 How to setup amped wireless extender sr10000?

Ans. Amped wireless extender is a very useful device If you are not getting proper signals. This range extender will extend the range of your wifi system. So, have you purchased? If so then you will need its setup guide. Don’t worry our guide will help you to set up your extender, You just have to follow all the steps carefully. So let’s get straight into it.

  • First of all, You have to find a perfect place for installing your SR10000 range extender.

  • Note: It is important to find a perfect place for your extender otherwise it won’t work properly. ( I will recommend you to place your router somewhere between halfway of your wifi).

  • After finding a perfect place, You have to connect your extender with your device( It can be a computer or a mobile phone).

  • Then, You have to search for in your search engine.

  • In case, If you are unable to access the extenders menu, Then you can also type your extender IP address ( For extender sr10000 it is

  • After that, you will be displayed on a new page, and you will see a box containing the username and password you have to enter Admin in both sections.

  • Then, You will get access to your dashboard, where you will get all the information about your extender.

  • After that, you have to click on the “scan” option.

  • After that, You have to select your wifi network. Note: Make sure that you check your wifi signal strength it should be 70% or more).

  • Click on next.

  • After that, you have to connect your wifi network by entering a password.

  • Then, you have to configure your wifi system and enter a password.

  • After that, click on next to apply changes.

  • During this process your wifi and extender may reboot, so be patient.

  • After that, you have to reconnect your device to your extender and follow all the steps that are displayed on the screen to connect to the extender.

  • After connecting to your extender you have to click on confirm to continue.

  • Hurray! your extenders setup is successfully completed.

Q.3 How to setup Amped wireless repeater?

Ans. One of the best things about amped wireless is that their products are very easy to set up and configure. A repeater is a device that receives and transmits signals, Repeaters are mainly used to extend transmission to a larger area. It is very easy to set up a wireless repeater, you don’t need any special tech knowledge to do so. It is as simple as connecting your computer with another network. Our guide will help you to set up your wireless repeater in just a few simple steps. After configuring your wireless repeater, All the dead zones from your houses, offices will be removed.

  • In the first step, you need to connect your wireless repeater to any switch and provide power to your repeater. ( Make sure that all the other devices are opened while you are configuring your router like wifi, extender, etc)>

  • After supplying power to your repeater, you will notice that a green LED light is blinking.

  • After that, You have to open press the WPS button of your extender.

  • Then, You have to press the WPS button of your router also( Make sure that you press the WPS button for at least one or two minutes).

  • If you have done all the things correctly then your repeater’s light will turn to solid green.

  • After doing all these, You can disconnect all the things and place your repeater at a place where you are getting low signals.

  • Make sure that you update all the firmware on time.

  • Hurray, your wireless repeater is successfully Configured.

Q.4 How to update the firmware of Amped wireless ranged extender?

Ans. Generally, Amped wireless firmware is a kind of software that users use to communicate with the computer for configuration. It is very important to update the firmware otherwise your extender can be interpreted, As updating firmware will increase your extender’s performance. Amped regularly updates its firmware of all sorts of products to improve the user’s experience. whenever your extender is connected to the internet is automatically checks for updates. Note: Make sure to save your current settings as the firmware process will reboot your extender. So without any further delay, let us get straight into it.

  • Firstly, You have to go to the amped wireless support section.

  • After that, you have to open the drop-down menu.

  • Then you have to select your router’s model number.

  • After that, You have to click on the download button and select firmware.

  • Then, your downloading process is over.

  • Go to your downloads and unzip your file.

  • Then connect your computer with the router.

  • Search amped on any browser.

  • After that, you have to go to settings.

  • Then click on management.

  • Upgrade your firmware and unzip your file.

  • Hurray, Your firmware is upgraded.

It is very easy to know when your need to be updated, You have to open your control panel after that, then you have to select the administrative tab and from there you have to select the routers firmware option. When you will click on that you will get all the information about firmware updates. If there is any pending firmware you will get the link from there you can upgrade your firmware and if your router is up to date then you will not get such kinds of links.

Q.5 How to setup Amped wireless extender?

Ans. Amped wireless extenders are very handy devices that help the router to gain good speed. These extenders work best when they are placed halfway between the wifi system. The LED light will signify your connection, If it turns green it means that the signal is strong and if it turns red it means that the extender is not placed at the correct place.

  • First of all, you have to unbox your extender and plug it into any PowerSource point.

  • If you wanted to connect With the WPS method then, You have to press the WPS button for one or two minutes.

  • After that, You will notice that the extender’s LED light turns to solid green( This assures that your connection is established successfully).

  • Now unplug your extender and plug in it somewhere between the halfway of the wifi system.

  • If your extender’s light turns to amber it means that your extender is not getting proper signals.

  • Once you found the correct place for your extender, After that type the same password that you have used while connecting it with your devices.

  • Once you are done with all these steps, make sure to check the LED light of your extender if it turns to amber green it means your extender is placed at a perfect place.

  • Hurray! Your amped wireless extender setup is successfully configured, Now you are ready to go.