My Amped Wireless Keeps Showing Me Red Light After Doing A Setup, How To Get It Setup?

A lot of Amped wireless devices are well known for this issue. The Internet is flooded with users complaining about the blinking red light problem with their Amped wireless devices. There are several different types of devices that suffer from this issue, including WiFi routers, range extenders, and a lot more.

After looking for solutions for this problem on dozens of different blogs, we can conclude that there is no comprehensive guide on the internet that can pinpoint your situation properly and help you solve it by yourself.

So here is an article that explains how to get rid of the red LED light blinking problem on your Amped Wireless routers and Amped Wireless range extenders.

Red light problem with Amped Wireless range extender

In the fourth section of this article, we are going to discuss how to solve the problem of the red blinking light on Amped wireless extenders. To continue with the article you need to make sure that you have completed the Amped Wifi Extender Setup. If you have not completed the setup, you can visit the given link and get a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to complete the setup process for Amped Wireless extender.

So here are the things that you need to do in order to get rid of the problem with your Amped Wireless extender.

  • Try moving the Wireless Range Extender near the WiFi router. A lot of times, users face this problem because their WiFi routers and Range Extender don’t have enough range to be kept so far apart. If you suspect the same thing is wrong with your router, try changing the position of either the WiFi router, the Range Extender or both of the devices.
  • If that doesn’t solve your problem, you have to check the WiFi router that is connected to your Range Extender. If an internet connection is not available with the WiFi routers and it is not possible for the Range Extender to provide connectivity as well.
  • Another common thing that can happen with Wireless Range extenders is that they get connected to a lot of devices at once which causes problems. To check the maximum number of devices that can be connected to your Amped Wireless range extender, refer to the user guide or search on the Internet.
    • Avoid connecting a lot of devices to the same Wireless Range Extender network because more number of devices cause a decrease in available bandwidth and ultimately the speed takes a hit. The problem of red blinking light often occurs due to low internet speed as well.

Red light problem with Amped Wireless WiFi router

This section of the article specifically deals with solving the problem of the red blinking light on the Amped Wireless WiFi router. After completing the Amped Wireless WiFi router setup, you need to follow this guide carefully to find what is wrong with your Amped Wireless WiFi router.

So here are some steps that you can follow that will give you very good results.

  • The first thing that you should be checking is your Internet connection. Before wondering what the reason why your device is not working properly is, you have to see if something is actually wrong with your Amped Wireless WiFi router or not.
  • To check if your internet connection is working or not, you have to connect the ethernet cable coming from your internet service provider to a PC or a laptop. Once you have plugged in the ethernet cable to your PC or Laptop, you can connect to the network and try to access a device connected to the local network or access the internet and perform a speed test through the connection.
  • If your internet connection is working fine, you will be sure that something is wrong with your Amped Wireless WiFi router.
  • One of the most common problems with the Amped Wireless WiFi router is the problem of power delivery. If you are using a cheap power adapter to your Amped Wireless WiFi router, then there is a good chance that you will see random disconnections and red light blinking errors on the Amped Wireless WiFi router.

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