Amped Wireless Range Extender Not Working

What Is A Range Extender?

A range extender is a device that helps you to increase the effective range of your WiFi network. If you are using a WiFi router to set up a WiFi network in your workplace or home, you would know how horrible WiFi routers are when it comes to connecting devices far away from the router.

There are times when the WiFi router completely disconnects your devices if you move them far from the WiFi source. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to install a device called a range extender. A range extender not only increases the WiFi signal strength in a particular area but also increases the total number of devices that can be connected to that specific network.

Even the best routers have their limitation. The best WiFi routers, too, have a limited range. The range is theoretically much lower than claimed by the company. This is precisely where wireless range extenders come in. It is really easy to setup Amped Wireless extender for your WiFi router.

What To Do If Your Range Extender Not Working?

Here is a list of some things that you can try doing if your Amped Wireless range extender not working or malfunctioning.


The simplest solution to tons of different problems. If you are using a WiFi range extender that comes from Amped wireless, there are low chances that you may face problems with them. But in case you are facing issues, just try to restart the device and see if that solves your problem. If it does, you can take a break. Otherwise, keep reading the article.

Change The Web Browser

If you are using Windows, there are high chances that you are using the Google Chrome web browser to access the internet. If you are an Apple Mac user, you must be using the Safari web browser. Though both the web browsers are excellent in their unique way, you should change the web browser once and see if your problem gets solved.

This might come as a surprise to you, but a lot of times, even browsers cause issues with the network. Try clearing the browser cache or using a different browser completely to make sure nothing is wrong with your web browser.

Check Security Of The Wifi Network

At times, the WiFi router’s security settings interfere with the range extender’s working. If you are using a WiFi router and range extender that comes from a different brand and you have not set them up properly, their security settings may be interfering with each other. A lot of times, people tend to forget the WiFi password of their networks. If you want to know how to change Amped Wireless Extender password click here.

Check Internet Issues

This is pretty common when it comes to issues related to networking devices. If your ISP is not providing you with internet connectivity, you will face issues. Before pointing the finger at your networking devices, make sure that you have a good internet connection available to them.

Keep Devices In Range

If you are keeping your devices too far from each other, they may not perform as expected. Read the user manual and make sure that you are keeping all your devices at a suitable distance from each other. The Wi-Fi router, which costs more, usually has a better range compared to the cheap ones. Always invest in a router that has more range and higher bandwidth than required by your company so that if you plan to increase the number of connected devices in the future you wouldn’t have to spend again on buying a new networking device.

Update The Software

A lot of times, when a software update of your WiFi router or WiFi range extender is imminent, you should update it as soon as possible. The new software contains patches, updates, drivers, and a lot of bug fixes. Using an outdated firmware version makes you vulnerable to a lot of new security issues.  Hackers are always looking for an opportunity to get into your and cause damage.  Believe me when I say that you really don’t want that to happen in your system.


Finally, this is the step that you should take only if all the above steps fail. When nothing works, you can hard reset your device, which takes it back to its factory default settings. This would solve most of the bugs that you might be facing with your WiFi router or WiFi range extender.