How Do I Update My Amped Wireless RTA1750 Router Via Setup.Ampedwireless.Com?

Keeping your Amped Wireless RTA1750 router up to date is crucial for everyone even if you don’t have brand new devices. In this article, we are going to explain why you need to keep your devices updated.

In the first half of the article, we are going to explain how to update your Amped Wireless RTA1750 router. In the second section, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should keep checking for updates and what are the threats that you might face if you avoid updating your Amped Wireless RTA1750 WiFi routers.

You can set up your WiFi router update automatically or check for updates manually. It is always recommended to set up your Amped Wireless RTA1750 WiFi router to update automatically when an update is available.

Updating your Amped Wireless RTA1750 WiFi router manually

Before you start the update process, make sure you have saved all the work that you are doing on the computers connected to your WiFi router. Starting the update process turns off your WiFi network completely and disconnects all the devices connected to the WiFi router temporarily.

  • Before starting with the update process, you should have the new firmware file available with you. This file can be downloaded from the internet and stored on your computer. Usually, this is a small compressed zip file.
  • Try to open from your web browser. The default Internet Protocol (IP) address for most of the Amped wireless devices is If you are not able to access the control panel through, you should be able to access it through the IP address.

This link will take you to the administrator control panel of your Amped WiFi router. This address can be accessed only from devices coming from Amped. Once you are not the login page, enter the administrator ID and password and proceed to the control panel. You will see your dashboard now. You can make changes in the WiFi router settings from this window.

  • Next up, you will have to look for the settings option. Most probably, it will be present near the top left corner of your window.
  • Then click on the management tab. From this management tab, you can update your Amped Wireless WiFi router’s firmware.
  • Press the update now button, and you will be asked to browse the storage of your computer and locate the update file. Navigate to the update file that we downloaded from the internet before starting this process.
  • Make sure you don’t mess up this step by selecting the wrong zip file. This may end up bricking your WiFi router if not done carefully.
  • Now the firmware of your WiFi router will be updated with the newer version available in the zip file. The update process should not take long, and if everything goes well, your router will reboot within the next ten minutes.
  • Once the reboot is complete, you will be greeted with the admin control panel login screen again on your PC. Now you are connected to the internet.

With the update process completed successfully, we can move on to the next section of this article. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider updating your WiFi router regularly.

Why should you update Amped Wireless RTA1750?

When it comes to reasons for upgrading your WiFi router, there are many. Let us understand some of them better.

UI improvements

New updates to your WiFi router brings improvements in User Interface (UI). UI is the way humans interact with the computer. UI directly affects the User Experience (UX). UI is a critical aspect which needs a lot of focus. Companies that developed products with good UI usually perform better than others. The importance of UI cannot be neglected when pushing new updates.

Bug Fixes

New products usually suffer from various bugs and glitches. These bugs and glitches are fixed to updates. If you are facing issues with your new WiFi router, keep waiting for the latest updates. If your Amped Wireless RTA1750 keeps losing connection to your devices, have a look on Why Does My Amped Wifi Extender Keep Losing Connection? 

Better security

With new threats emerging day by day, we should be careful more than ever when using the internet. If you are running an outdated firmware for your Amped Wireless RTA1750 router, then you are vulnerable to various threats that emerge daily.

Performance improvements

Another major reason why you should consider updating your Amped wireless RTA1750 WiFi router regularly is because of the new features that come with the update. When the device is released by the manufacturer, there are some features which are locked for users. As the new firmware updates arrive, these features are made available to more and more number of users.

In this article, we discussed how to update your Amped Wireless RTA1750 WiFi router. We hope you managed to complete the process without facing any issues. You can always reach out to the Amped customer care if you feel like you need help with anything.